Amazon Games Studios Will Not Launch Lost Ark Game Until 2022

Amazon Games Studios has announced that Lost Ark will launch in early 2022, moving the MMORPG out of the late 2021 release window.
Amazon has also announced that a closed beta test will run from November 4 to November 9. Those who purchase the Founder’s Pack will be given access to the beta, and a sign-up option is also available.
In Korea, Japan, and Russia, Lost Ark is available as a free-to-play PC MMORPG. Arkesia, where players try to track down the Lost Ark and save Arkesia from a real-life demonic threat, is the world of Lost Ark. The long-awaited release will be available in English, French, German, and Spanish, as announced by Amazon at E3 2021 this year.
Below is the press release of Amazon Games Studios:

Back in June, we held our Closed Technical Alpha Test, inviting testers to venture into Arkesia to experience this version of Lost Ark for the first time. Following the Technical Alpha, we have been working hard, translating walls of text, squashing bugs, spending long hours in the recording studio, and preparing the server infrastructure behind the scenes. While delving into all of the great feedback and data generated by our Alpha and reviewing recent changes to the Korean version that we want to include in our release, we discovered a lot more work that will be needed to launch Lost Ark at the high-quality bar our players deserve. As players have been waiting for so long, we want to take the time to do it right while also ensuring we look after the wellness of our hardworking Amazon Games and Smilegate teams. With that in mind, we’ve made the tough decision to push the launch of Lost Ark to early 2022.
While we’ll be launching in early 2022, you won’t have to wait until next year to get your hands on Lost Ark. Our Closed Beta Test will be conducted from November 4 to November 9 and your feedback will be an important part of the Lost Ark development process. Lost Ark Founder’s Pack purchasers will have access to the Closed Beta Test. Interested players can also sign up for a chance to receive an invitation to the Closed Beta test by entering their information on our tester sign-up page.
While we have been relatively quiet so far, we do want to improve the quality and frequency of our communications. We are committed to staying more open with our players about what our team is working on. Moving forward we will provide monthly updates to discuss the work our team is doing behind the scenes, In October we’ll launch our official forums and official Discord channel in preparation for Closed Beta. In November we will be fully operational to support our Beta Testers and Content Creators. With these upcoming activities, you should expect more activity and communication from us in the coming months.
As always, thank you for your support. Be on the lookout for information and details on what our team is up to behind the scenes, information about Closed Beta, and some upcoming content that will help new players better understand the beautiful, dangerous, and sometimes silly world of Arkesia. Make sure to follow our social channels and to stay up-to-date.





I have lived in Thailand for the last 20 years. I am an English teacher. I recently started a blog called The Prisoner of Bangkok.

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Thomas Clark

Thomas Clark

I have lived in Thailand for the last 20 years. I am an English teacher. I recently started a blog called The Prisoner of Bangkok.

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