Punishing Gray Raven Coming To iOS and Android Devices Soon

Kuro Game recently released Punishing Gray Raven for iOS and Android devices worldwide (America, Europe, South-East Asia, and Australia). A Chinese version of the mobile title was released in December 2019, followed by a Japanese release in December 2020.
As a result of more than 1 million pre-registrations ahead of launch, anyone downloading the game at or near launch will receive bonus currency to start, as well as a voucher to redeem one of five high-tier characters for their squad.
On the Internet, you can find a launch trailer, teaser trailer, game overview, screenshots, and artwork.

This is what the official website says:

This free action RPG is ultra-stylish and available on Android and iOS. As The Punishing, a biomechanical virus has overrun the world in a dark, post-apocalyptic cyberpunk setting. Recently, robots and machines have become corrupted. Humanity has escaped to the space station Babylonia, and the Gray Raven special forces unit is leading the mission to reclaim their lost homeworld.
Gameplay combines visual novel storytelling, complex RPG squad management elements, and intense 3D arcade hack n’ slash combat inspired by classic console character action games like Nier: Automata and Bayonetta.
As the story unfolds, players will battle legions of mindless machines controlled by the virus, as well as intelligent Corrupted androids and enormous mechanical bosses. Every character has its own special moves and perks, and players will deploy three heroes at once to the field, free to jump into and out of combat at any time.
The Player will recruit new Gray Raven members between missions and assemble them into three-person strike teams to lead increasingly dangerous missions. In order to deal with the threats ahead, characters will level up and grow stronger along with their weaponry.

You can also read this article at https://tomtardis.org/2021/07/17/punishing-gray-raven-coming-to-ios-and-android-devices-soon



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